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Questions and Thoughts About Cucumber for Myself


  • Why does a ActionController::RoutingError pop up even though all of the scenario steps are passing? This has been a recurring issue.
  • This was breaking because of ‘visit admin_partner_path(@user)’ that was in the final step of /step_definitions/admin_user_change_password.rb
  • How explicit must I be when testing a feature? What’s the balance between being too explicit in my feature testing, and not covering everything that should be tested?

Tips regarding Cucumber:

  • Backgrounds should only be used when you have shared context, but should be used sparingly
  • Want to frame our scenarios with user-driven language, not task-specific language
  • Given is used to identify your starting point; if you’re testing a password feature, then you should be on the ‘Edit’ page for the User
  • When is used to specify an Action of some kind; never use an assertion in a When clause
  • Then is where you make assertions for the test


  • Warden test helpers for Cucumber will automatically log you in for a test without actually walking through the login steps
World Warden::Test::Helpers
After { Warden.test_reset! }
  • Only time, from this point forward, that you should visit and fill-in a login form is if you’re explicitly testing the login feature
  • If you need to be logged in as a Partner, use the Given I am logged in as a Partner step. Same for other AdminUser roles as well.
  • FactoryGirl helpers in cucumber will enable you to implicitly imply FactoryGirl object